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General Battlefield 5 News and Discussion (1 Viewer)

Major Tom
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Major Tom

Today, 20:22
Apr 1, 2018
DICE has detailed some of the biggest content drops coming to Battlefield 5 in the near future.

In a livestream celebrating the launch of Battlefield 5’s deluxe edition, DICE announced the release dates for many of the features it teased prior to the game’s launch.

The new content starts rolling out on Tuesday, December 4. This is when the tank-focused Panzerstorm map will be released. During the livestream, the developer showed some brief footage of the Belgium-set map, which YouTuber DannyOnPC has helpfully extracted.

Panzerstorm is co-developed by DICE LA.

The Practice Range is another big addition coming on December 4. DICE also showed off a little bit of it on the show, and it looks much bigger in scope compared to Battlefield 4’s. You’re able to test out all weapons and vehicles, and control target dummies to learn the ranges and weapon characteristics in a safe environment.

On top of the range is a great way to practice tanking and piloting skills, you’re also able to engage the AI in the skies above for a more dynamic experience. Once again, DannyOnPC’s video below shows the advanced Practice Range.

DICE said that this is only the beginning and that it’s open to expanding the range in future based on feedback.

Vehicle customisation will also be available beginning December 4, alongside the final War Stories chapter: The Last Tiger. Then, on December 6, the first Tides of War chapter begins. In Overture, a new progression system will be added to the game that comes with its own set of cosmetic items, challenges, and missions.
Major Tom
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Major Tom

Today, 20:22
Apr 1, 2018
DICE have now dropped more specific details about Tides of War Chapter 1, called Overture. In an update on Reddit, DICE’s global community manager Dan Mitre confirmed that the first Tides of War chapter will be going live for all platforms on December 4.

Overture will bring a new War Story, the German-focused “The Last Tiger” (which will also be the last War Story for Battlefield 5).

A new map called Panzerstorm is also part of chapter 1 of Tides of War, as is the firing range mode, called Practice Range.

In addition to that, vehicle cosmetic customization, which wasn’t included at launch, will be added to the game as part of Overture.

It’s also been confirmed that limited-time assignments and progression elements tied to Overture will be going live two days later on December 6.
Major Tom
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Major Tom

Today, 20:22
Apr 1, 2018
Battlefield 5’s first major patch is days away, and DICE has revealed early details about some of its biggest changes.

The Battlefield 5 December patch launches on Tuesday, December 4. The update’s highlights are the new Panzerstorm map, practice range, new War Story, and of course the first chapter of Tides of War: Overture.

But the update is also bringing with it a host of bug fixes and balance changes – documented in a dozen or so pages of patch notes which will be revealed closer to release. Until then, DICE has taken to Reddit to outline a few of the elements worth highlighting early.


Though DICE isn’t making any specific changes to TTK and TTD in the patch, the developer explained that it wants to be careful when reacting to feedback about this topic. For one, it wants to separate perceived low TTD – such as that caused by netcode issues (damage stacking) – from actual problems with weapon damage/player health in the more traditional sense of TTK.

To that end, DICE is working on a first pass that will enter testing soon, but the developer is still undecided on how to involve the community in the process. It’s looking at a number of ways, including creating specific servers or playlists with updated TTK for players to test before they’re rolled out to the larger community.

Revive mechanic updates

The December update will make the process of getting revived, and reviving other players much smoother. DICE worked on reducing the input delay players get after getting revived, and the same goes for Medics doing the reviving. This should make getting back to the fight quicker and less clunky.


Medic balance

As it stands, Medics are the most under-equipped of the four classes when it comes to medium and long range combat. DICE is increasing SMG performance at range across the board, especially for ones with a slower rate of fire.

In practice, this means faster muzzle velocity and less bullet drag (drop). This also means the five-hit kill range has been extended to 30 meters from 25 for all SMGs, and their stationary aimed fire is now more accurate.

Company Coin shortages

DICE is aware that reaching the max rank cuts off a large portion of Company Coin income, and it’s fixing this. The developer is also working on a way to retroactively award players who reached max rank before the update with extra Coins, depending on their playtime. Details about this will be released when the feature is ready.


The December patch will make it easier to apply skins to weapons with a new ‘apply all’ feature. As for having loadouts sync across factions, this sadly won’t make this next update, but it’s something being worked on.

Airlifts and body dragging

Airlifts, a collection of rewards deluxe edition owners were promised, will be detailed in a blog post soon. Another vague feature discussed before release that’s yet to materialise is the ability to drag downed teammates, something DICE is still unsure if it’s possible.

The developer also posted more detailed balance tweaks for weapons, which we’ve rounded up below.

Weapon balance

  • Decreased M1928A1 maximum damage to 25.1 (previously 30)
  • Increased the 3 hit kill range of the Gewehr 1-5 to 30 meters (previously 25 meters)
  • Increased maximum damage for the Sturmgewehr 1-5 and StG 44 to 25.1 (previously 24)
  • Reduced the range at which the Turner SMLE can kill with one headshot and one body shot to 30 meters (previously 35 meters)
  • Increased the 4 hit kill range of all assault rifles, LMGs, MMGs and SMGs to 10 meters (previously 9 meters) to make close quarter damage more reliable
  • Increased all SMG 5 hit kill range to 30 meters (previously 25 meters)
  • Slightly extended pistol damage drop-off distances
  • Bolt actions no longer deal slightly reduced damage when hitting the lower body or upper arms, this means the minimum damage will never go below 55 damage.
  • Increased horizontal recoil of the KE7 to 0.45 (previously 0.36)
  • Increased horizontal recoil of the M1907 SF to 0.41 (previously 0.39)
  • Decreased horizontal recoil of the STEN to 0.38 (previously 0.4) and increased the efficacy of the Ported Barrel specialization
  • Increased the effect of the Slings and Swivels specialization. Switching to your primary weapon is now an additional 50 ms faster for all weapons and firing after sprinting is allowed an additional 16 ms earlier for bolt actions, assault rifles, semi auto rifles and SLRs
  • Changed the specialization for the KE7. Recoil Buffer has been removed. Quick Aim has been added. Specialization tree has been reordered
  • Increased the reload speed of the KE7. Base reload time is now 3.55 s (previously 3.75 s)
  • Increased the reload speed of the MG34 with the double drum magazine. Tactical reload is now 3.7 s (previously 4 s) and empty reload is 5.083 s (previously 5.5 s)
  • Increased the reload speed of the M1907 SF. Tactical reload is now 2.7 s (previously 2.9 s) and empty reload is 3.3 s (previously 3.5 s)
  • Improved sustained fire accuracy of SMGs while aimed and stationary
  • Decreased sustained fire accuracy of assault rifles while aimed and moving
  • Increased muzzle velocity of all SMGs as follows:
  • MP34: 495 m/s (previously 450 m/s)
  • MP34 (High Velocity Bullets): 560 m/s (previously 520 m/s)
  • STEN: 495 m/s (previously 430 m/s)
  • MP40: 455 m/s (previously 400 m/s)
  • EMP: 420 m/s (previously 380 m/s)
  • MP28: 345 m/s (previously 320 m/s)
  • Suomi KP/-31: 330 m/s (previously 300 m/s)
  • M1928A1: 330 m/s (previously 280 m/s)
  • Decreased drag of SMG bullets from to 0.005 (previously 0.007) for regular bullets and 0.0035 (previously 0.005) for High Velocity Bullets
Major Tom
Staff member Staff member Staff member Staff member

Major Tom

Today, 20:22
Apr 1, 2018
Overture, the first chapter in Battlefield 5’s Tides of War live service, lands tomorrow.

Overture kicks off following the release of a big patch for all Battlefield 5 players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The patch, and all of Overture’s content, will be available to all players for free.

To start with, Overture will wrap up the War Stories single-player campaign with the new The Last Tiger story following a Tiger 1 tank crew. The rest of the patch’s content is strictly multiplayer-focused (see the post above for more details).

View media item 142
Major Tom
Staff member Staff member Staff member Staff member

Major Tom

Today, 20:22
Apr 1, 2018
In a developer livestream showcasing the new content coming to Battlefield 5 with Overture, DICE announced that the patch won’t be making it out today as initially planned.

“We’ve encountered a couple of issues as we implement some of the new improvements to the game and servers. Knowing that, we’re putting more time in testing the build and will be pushing back deployment until we can ensure the update is solid,” explained the developer.

This shouldn’t be a long delay, however, DICE promised.
Major Tom
Staff member Staff member Staff member Staff member

Major Tom

Today, 20:22
Apr 1, 2018
With Battlefield 5’s Overture patch now rolling out, DICE has released a whopping 15-pages of patch notes to go along with it.

Some of what’s contained in Battlefield 5’s Overture patch notes has previously been touched on. Things like the improvement to SMGs, KE7 nerf, and Company Coin and weapon unlock issues were previously detailed.

The 15 pages of patch notes [PDF] may be a bit daunting to go through, so we’ve been reading and picking the most interesting changes as we go along. See below for the top updates.

New content
  • Practice Range
  • Vehicle-focused map: Panzerstorm
  • Final War Story: The Last Tiger
  • Vehicle skin customisation
  • Improvements for the issue involving infinite loading screens.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle passenger gunner turret animations would not align with where the player was aiming.
  • Players no longer get into a soft hang when viewing assignments in-game.
  • The automatic spawn when round starts will be disabled in all game modes (except Final Stand).
  • The icon above the bomb carriers in Airborne and Frontlines will no longer be visible.
  • Conquest catch-up will now only be activated when the losing team is very far behind instead of rounds that are fairly close.
  • New Panzerfausts damage model with reduced the maximum damage, but much better damage for poor hits.
  • Reduced Panzerfaust damage against tank side and rear hits.
  • Increased the direct hit damage of Stationary and Half Track mounted AT guns.
  • Reduced LMG and conventional weapon damage to airplanes.
  • Ragdolls no longer have strange movement after being dead for a certain amount of time.
  • Players occupying top gunner positions in land vehicles are now able to duck down and become somewhat protected from incoming shots.
  • Airplane Zooming in first-person will now give 2.5x zoom, allowing for superior scouting of the battlefield and aiming at long range or small targets
  • Airplane forward firing machine guns and cannons now start with less ammo.
  • The 8x MG specialization on the Spitfire has a new overheat behaviour.
  • Tweaked the JU-88 bomber to only carry one 1,000kg bomb and reduced the rate of fire when dropping the 16x50kg bombs.
  • Changed the Stuka damage model to be closer to bombers, to improve its intended ground attack role.
  • Added reload time to bombs and rockets, after planes re-supply, so that they’re not instantly available after a resupply.
  • Refactored flak to deal more consistent damage vs. large planes, and slightly less vs. smaller planes.
  • Moved aircraft resupply points further away from the infantry combat areas on most maps, to make Attrition a bigger factor for bomber planes.
  • Changed the Stuka damage model to be closer to bombers, to improve its survivability vs. most forms of damage, and strengthen its intended ground attack role.
  • Reduced the number of light bombs carried by the Ju-88 A to 16 and also reduced the rate at which they drop from the plane.
  • Fixed an issue preventing squad spawning on the Blenheim airplanes.
  • Fixed an issue when spawning into vehicle gunner positions that caused the weapon to appear disconnected from the player.
Weapons and gadgets
  • Added a confirmation sound when successfully spotting with the Binoculars.
  • Smoke Grenade Launcher now properly blocks spotting (including from suppression).
  • Players can now disable enemy placed AT Mines and Dynamite by interacting with them when playing as a class that supports it.
  • Throwing knife maximum damage range reduced to 6.5m (from 13m).
  • Throwing knife maximum capacity reduced to two from six.
  • Bolt actions no longer deal slightly reduced damage when hitting the lower body or upper arms.
Maps and modes
  • Fixed an issue on Airborne and Frontlines where the bomb could spawn below the ground.
  • Delayed all airplane spawns in pre-round by 30 seconds as an intermediate measure to prevent bombers spawn killing players.
  • Frontlines on Twisted Steel: Increased respawn timer on tanks, from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.
UI and HUD
  • The in-game chat log will now stay hidden even if the player joins a squad and the player has chosen to hide the chat log.
  • Fixed an issue where the social widget was overlapping on the end of round screen.
  • [PC]The social hub no longer closes down if you invite a friend to your squad.
  • [PC]Squad leaders are now able to leave and create new squads.
  • [PC]Squad members are now able to invite other players into their squad if the previous squad leader leaves.
  • [PC]If the player cancels during matchmaking, the game will no longer be stuck in a cancelling state.
  • [PS4]If the player loses connection to EA Online it should now be easier to reconnect if the servers are available.

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